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Title Name
Chair Lisa Davison
Co-Chair Vonda Hofferd
Badminton Canada Rep Joe Morisette | Mike Luck
North Central Badminton Academy Rep Christine Henry
Treasurer Shara Schenk
Secretary Alison Vassallo
Liaison | City of Prince George Myles Tycholis | Paulette Wilson
Liaison | Tourism PG Colin Carson
Liaison | Venue Alicia Smith
Accommodations Coordinator Vonda Hofferd
Accreditation Coordinator Rea Barber
Athlete Services (Food, Athletic Therapy, Racquet Stringing) Lisa Davison | Vonda Hofferd
Athlete Services (Shuttle Service) Vonda Hofferd | Jeannie Moffatt
Communications Coordinator Lisa Davison
Community Engagement Coordinator Lisa Davison | Engage Sport North
Field of Play Coordination Lisa Davison
Fundraising Carla and Marty Anderson | All Team Coordinators
Logistics Coordinator Wil Moroz
Major Officials Lisa Davison
Marketing Planning & Coordinator Lisa Davison
Match Control Coordinator Lisa Davison
Medal Presentations Coordinator Lisa Davison
Media Services Coordinator Lisa Davison
Minor Officials (Line Judges & Scorekeepers) Liz-Anne Eyford | Lisa Davison
Photography Orlando Athayde  / Chuck Chin
Player Registration Mike Mitson
Player Seeding Canadian Masters Badminton Association
Player Draws and Scheduling Matches Mike Mitson
Recreational Activities Coordinator Lisa Davison | Carolyn Thorp
Social Event | Welcome Reception Coordinator Lisa Davison | NCBA Parents and Development Squad
Social Event | Theme Night Coordinator Vonda Hofferd | Christy Fell
Social Event | Final Banquet Coordinator Vonda Hofferd | Christy Fell
Souvenir Coordinator Lisa Davison | Vonda Hofferd
Volunteer Coordinator Charlene Dickson
Welcome Package Coordinator Rea Barber








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